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1st Audio post

2008-12-21 15:06:43 by MetalMetroid

Hey evry one I got my first song out there just waitting for it to be moderated now this is only the 1st of many song to come i just hope they are good and every one likes it LOL

Makin music

2008-11-25 01:28:24 by MetalMetroid

Guy im sorry to say this but I am realy having a hard time with this remix stuff so it might take me a while to actuly get any thing done still trying to learn how to use Fruity Loops and it's hard to make music with not sheet's or any thing to fall back on so for now have faith in me or give me some tip's if you got any thanks xD

New 2 tha tunes

2008-11-17 18:27:57 by MetalMetroid

Hey every one MetalMetroid here I just got FL (fruity loops) yesterday and I gota say I dunno wtf to do with it lol! but rest asured im gonna make some music for all to here, may it be a song u herd befor or somthing totaly kick ass and new from a game u never herd befor so here hopping ;D


2007-12-22 01:32:11 by MetalMetroid

yay newgrounds yay!!!!!!!!