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Not happaning

2010-10-07 19:05:30 by MetalMetroid

I kinda stop could not make shit so im just gonna comment on flash now woots?

Getting ready :x

2010-02-10 23:19:45 by MetalMetroid

I am currently workin my butt off to make some money so I can get's my self into school and that would be for voice acting HAZA!

Im Back!

2009-08-25 19:09:53 by MetalMetroid

Hey Every one Metal Metroid here I finaly got my Computer up and running again so I will be making music again Shortly

Well now

2009-07-03 12:13:12 by MetalMetroid

Hey every 1 I have some Decent news well sorta =/. Any way I have some Song that I have made last year on my Phone (just remembered) and I am gonna be posting some of them on to NG please note that there are all unfinished and still my Prototypes for the big finish any way hope you enjoy my Unfinished Sonata

Awww sugar Snaps!

2009-05-21 18:51:24 by MetalMetroid

the power Supply on my computer when *Insert Fart sound* and now I got no Computer except my moms lap top so I can't make any song for quite a while =/ srry


2009-04-08 00:52:55 by MetalMetroid

Hey Newgrounds MetalMetroid is back with the internets!!!! I have uploaded my newest creaction Terranigma- Underworld u can find it I know you can ;D


2009-02-08 00:14:37 by MetalMetroid

To all my fans and and listaners I have sad news I had no internet at my home any more I will still continue to make music but I won't be able to post them I will try my hardest to make more money at work and get it back as fast as I can in till then I wish you all luck in your Submissions and viewings later newgrounds :)

Flame Stag

2009-01-05 00:29:44 by MetalMetroid

Ok I know alot of you think that my Flame stag song sucks here's the thing I was not planning on posting it on Newgrounds my idiot frnd thought it would be funny to post it for me and make me look like a douche bag well this goes to show that some people are fucking morons hope you all understand

Ryu's Stage Beta Compleat!

2009-01-02 00:48:14 by MetalMetroid

Hey every one I Compleated the beta for my Ryu stage I might leave it the way it is or just fix it compleatly who knows right now im gona work on other song's while I fix this one so I hope you all enjoy my submistions :)

Working on a new song

2008-12-28 21:14:01 by MetalMetroid

I am Currently Working on Ryu's Stage from Street Fighter 2 so far it's not going 100% swell if u gota Request shoot it at me hope it's nota hard one lol