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Flame Stag

2009-01-05 00:29:44 by MetalMetroid

Ok I know alot of you think that my Flame stag song sucks here's the thing I was not planning on posting it on Newgrounds my idiot frnd thought it would be funny to post it for me and make me look like a douche bag well this goes to show that some people are fucking morons hope you all understand


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2009-02-04 01:03:19

It's not that bad. I thought it was alright. =)
I've never heard the original though

MetalMetroid responds:

it's basicly the same thing but the I made it sound like he has music going over N old radio or somthing like that in a church at least I think


2009-02-05 19:48:50



2010-06-21 08:17:16

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